Volunteer or Foster

Volunteer Caretakers Needed

We need caretakers at the McDonough and Fayetteville, GA Petsmart locations

Find out more and apply by visiting Volunteer Match


Volunteer Caretaker:

Volunteers are needed to care for cats staying in the McDonough, Georgia Petsmart adoption center. This volunteer will clean cages, change bedding, refresh water and food, scoop litter boxes, take out trash, sweep the floor, brush, pet and give lots of love to the cats. Cats are typically let out of their cage for exercise while the cage is being cleaned. The volunteer should be comfortable with retrieving the cat and placing it back in the

The volunteer must be a mature, responsible and RELIABLE adult who is able to work independently and is comfortable handling cats. There is moderate labor involved in cleaning the cages. Good judgement is needed as some cats are initially fearful in the environment of the adoption center. You will need to report updates on the health and welfare of kitties on our online private group. Youth volunteers are welcome but only with parental/adult supervision.

This job will require 1-2 hours of your time, the same day every week. It can be done at your convenience between the hours of 12 pm and 8 pm. Training will be provided. There is not a specific end date but we would need notice to find a replacement for your specific day.

 If you are underage you MUST fill out a parental consent form and one of your parents must help you perform these duties. If you are a group – only 2 people can comfortably do this job in the Adoption Center. We appreciate your interest in volunteering for Winging Cat Rescue. For more information and to apply to volunteer, visit Volunteer Match.


Because we do not have a shelter or facility of our own, Winging Cat Rescue is entirely foster home based. This makes foster homes crucial to our existence and success. Becoming a foster gives you the chance to experience the best of both worlds – you get to love and take care of a cat and also find them a permanent forever home without lifetime financial commitments. 

Please use the CONTACT US link and send us a message regarding your interest in becoming a foster. Your message will be followed up by our Foster/Volunteer Coordinator.