Meet Our Misfit Cats

Our Misfit Cats have a little something going on – attitude, health issues, shyness – but are looking to fit into your heart. These special kitties are often overlooked, but need a loving and patient home too!

Taufatofua aka “Tauffie”

Tauffie is a sweet, playful, curious cat.  She gets along with her foster brother, Nigel the dog and loves to play with a younger cat.  So why is she overlooked?  Well, cages and Tauffie are a combustible mix!  She absolutely hates getting in a crate to go to adoptions!  She will back in a corner and stress out.  She is perfectly fine living in her foster parents’ bedroom but once she leaves, she is a nervous wreck.  Tauffie will need someone with a lot of patience and love to work with her.  However, once she settles in, you are in for a treat as Tauffie loves to climb up for hugs and will cuddle beside you. 


Banks is a great cat once he gets to know you and gets comfortable in his surroundings. He loves to be held and cuddled. He will sleep right beside you all night, and if you want to play, he will be right there with you! However, getting him to relax and feel comfortable can take a couple of days or a few weeks. There is no way to know for sure. I am looking for someone to adopt him who is experienced with cats and is willing to give him the time he needs to come around. The home needs to be quiet with no other animals or small children. He is a good kitty and is fine to be left alone during the day. If you would like to have two cats, then I suggest you adopt one of my other fosters. He is good buddies with Miles and they play together a lot. Miles is very outgoing and may help Banks to adjust.


Elva loves other kitties and a good can of food! She loves to play with toys, especially wand toys. She is shy and prefers not to be picked up, but loves to be around other kitties.  She lives happily with several other cats and 2 dogs.


Ari is a big old bear of a cat! He is very loving and cuddly. He is a Maine Coon mix and his mane is already coming in and his tail is enormous! Ari, like his sister Susu, is a bit shy at first, so he will run from you, but he doesn’t really hide, so you can usually just go and pick him up and love on him. The trick is to approach him slowly and let him come to you for the final few steps, then be prepared to be smothered in fur! He is very friendly with other cats and makes friends fast. He is unsure about kids, but if they are quiet and let him decide to come to them, he will. His adopter will need to understand that he may always be this way and respect that he will decide when you can touch or hold him.  He is worth the wait!


We named her Susu because her names means timed. She has always been a little more shy than her brothers (Ari, Stevie, & Wolfie), but is also very sweet. She will sleep on my bed and allows me to pet her, especially, after I shared and egg sandwich with her; so yes, her affection can be bought! The problem is that she does not like to be picked up. She had a cold when I first got her, so picking her up meant medicine. This did not help her to like me. However, we have come a long way and I am comfortable now picking her up just long enough to move her from one place to the other. She allows this. She loves to play and is friendly with the other cats. She needs an experienced adopter who would be comfortable with her just being their house companion. Feed her, play with her, clean her litter box, and love her. That is all she needs!